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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The hunger games

Life is always unfair. The rich and the poor, the strong and the weakling, the healthy and the ill, the successful and the failed. We can't really do much about the natural selection, but we can to a certain extent, choose how we would want to live our lives. We cannot change the facts like who we are, what kind of society we are born into, our parents, but we can identify our strengths and make the best out of them and be successful in life. Of course, we have to acknowledge and embrace our weaknesses as well, for we are human and nobody is perfect. Sometimes flaws can get us further in our lives. Sometimes mistakes are inevitable to help us improve. Whatever we do, most importantly we need to have faith in ourselves. Faith is what keeps us going in our dark times when everything else seems impossible. Hang in there and show life what we have got. Live life to the fullest everyday. Only then we will not regret in the future. So let's go out there and live like there is no tomorrow. At the end of the day, the world may only acknowledge one winner, but as long as we do our best, everybody is a winner.
P/s: We are the ones who have to deal with the consequences of our own actions. Hence, do whatever as deemed right, as long as you don't have to toss and turn in bed at night with insomnia due to guilt. Act wise. What goes around does come around.
Happy hunger games!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello guys. Yes i am at lcct at this hour. 2.30am in the morning. Waiting for my early flight back to penang. Life has been hell since i started my clinical phase at melaka. Tests, homework, being made to copy stuffs for many times, scoldings etc. I would be happy to just hav 7 hours of sleep during the weekdays. Perhaps only with the o&g posting it's not that great. In a blink of eye i'm already done with the posting. Moving on to the medicine department with fingers crossed, hoping that it'll be less hectic for the next 1.5 month. Seriously, i need more breaks.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Drawing a line is the most difficult thing to do in the world, because nothing is definite and nothing is permanent. there's always exception. we hate people to do something sometimes and yet when we do the same we feel that it's okay.
or, today's yes could be tomorrow's no. your misfortune could be someone's treasure.


1. humans always contradict themselves.
2. everyone's perception differs.


Everything is always easier said than done.

-end of post-

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nothing to do

Well, it's not that i really have nothing to do, it's just that i'm too lazy to do anything. homework and books are piling up and yet i chose to close one eye. i'm just getting better and better at procrastinating. argh i hate my self for this! my laziness always gets the better of me :(
Now, some quick updates:
Currently i'm in the clinical phase already, which means i'm having postings in hospitals with different departments, namely Medicine, Psychiatry, Community Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetric and Gynaecology, and lastly Surgery. Now i've finished 3 already, gonna finish the fourth one in another week(thank god!). My experience? It's kinda tiring to be standing all day long but overall it's still considered good. We learn to examine patients and apply whatever we've learned in the past two years into practice.
frankly speaking, every single day i have only 2 things in my mind during my posting: 1. what time is the class ending? i want it to finish asap. 2. i hope the class is being cancelled.
I even dreaded to go for classes on some days. What has happened to me? I think the major problem is the communication problem. I don't speak the Indian local language and it's kinda hard to talk to them. Even if i know how to speak, I don't know what they are telling me and yet we are supposed to ask tonnes of questions in order to get a freaking GOOD history from those patients. worse still, for those who even know how to speak english, i still have problem understanding them and they have problem understanding me too(their english is crappy). to even start the conversation i feel damn frustrated already. i just hope that the remaining less-than-two months can pass quickly.
Recently my mind has not been very productive, maybe because i watch less dramas and also those clinical postings tire me so much that i simply don't have time to do ponderings. However, fear not, i still spend time thinking each and every one of you, my dear friends. i really miss all of you very much.
alright, it's time for me to sleep. good night and merry christmas people! gotta go! =)
p/s: i was reading back my own previous posts and i was kinda impressed by my own thoughts and writings. lol. i guess my english is deteriorating. hah. alright ignore me. and thanks for reading this piece of crap. byeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It has only been 2 months since i returned to Manipal, but why the heck does it feel like i'm stuck here for FREAKING ONE YEAR long already???? arghhh time please pass faster, i wanna go back! this is hell! I miss singing k n shopping~