Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The start of something NEW

Hello everybody, it's a brand new year 2008! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
So what do ppl usually do when it's the start of another year? Resolutions! Alright, i admit that so far i've never really done what i resolved to do but still, there's chance that i might change this year, right?(though i knew that i'm just bluffing myself, lol) Ok, so here goes nothing....

1. to be more intelligent
2. to get an excellent result in my A-Levels
3. to be healthy and happy always
4. to enjoy life to the fullest as possible as this is the last year i can do it(i.e. eat more, sleep more, play more)
5. to be an overall better(considerate, wise, patient etc) person(i doubt it, hehe)
6. to be a better paparazzo(of course! it's very important!)
7. to hav luck on my side all the time
8. to hav lotsa money
9. to be more diligent(yes! i'll try my very best to say bye bye to laziness!)

It dawned on me that i actually had spent year 2007 fairly luxuriously. I'd been playing around n even got to tour europe! not bad eh? it'll be my best memories ever!
Hopefully this year would be a better year for all of us. Nevertheless it's gonna be full of partings as most of us r gonna fly in aug/sept(some already did).....
Anyway, saying hi to 2008, no more procrastination, no more looking back into the past, the only thing that we can n should do is keep our heads up n face the challenges await boldly!