Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

i've removed this post because i think it kinda doesnt sound like me in the complaining part.

retype: this is the pic i managed to grab from friendster, it certainly does not hav all my good friends in it, but it's the best pic i could find(cos i seldom upload photos, lazy, hehe)
I miss all my friends(sp, intec etc). I'll always treasure our friendship. Miss those days when we hang out together.
Merry christmas n happy new year in advance! =) =)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Got my first block exam results today. At MMMC(melaka manipal medical college) here it's very scary, they paste the everyone's result details on the board. so we'll know who got distinction, who failed, who is the top student etc etc.
anyway i'm not the top student la, of course. hehe. din study finish for the exam, so din expect very good results also. i'm very happy that i passed my anatomy, which i thought i've flunked it. also, i'm happy that the marks i got for physiology n biochemistry actually achieve my target. dont wanna mention my marks here. it's kinda embarassing. overall i'm contented but i'm not very proud of the results. i hav to stop procrastinating from today onwards! i just cant seem to find the spirit to study. the spirit has been long lost since form 3 i think. it's just very difficult for me to study everyday. lack of motivation. but this has to stop now. i wanna be better. i need to be better. i need to escape from laziness. wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not exactly an update

My dear friend Joanne has come back safely fom bangalore n bought me a gift! How thoughtful. I'm so happy. THANKS A MILLION TIONG TIONG! I love the gift. I actually hav nothing to update but just feel so bored n thought i ought to write something. hehe. couldn't think of anything to crap already. gonna sleep. zzzzzzz..... :)