Monday, February 16, 2009

Living life to the fullest

Being back to Malaysia is all bout enjoying! I've been back for more than 1 week n all i did was eat, sleep n play. eat n sleep is more for the first 3 days of my return, the rest of the days i went to kl, met up with some intec friends, mmmc friends n also some of my old 5.0 classmates.
The only fun part of my kl trip is singing k(3 times in 4 days!) n playing cards. i'm glad that i went for this trip although i din get to shop cos i got to gamble!!! there's no kaki at all at sp(what a sad fact).... the reason i din get to shop is cos the hotel we stayed is near area of sungei wang, times square etc . i'm not a big fan of sungei wang n i dont really like times square either. the only place suitable for shopping there is pavilion, but it's kinda far n at the moment u actually reach there, u'll be half dead d.

things that sadly i did not get to do:
1. shopping
2. watch a nice movie
3. eat really good food(example: italianies, pasta de gohan, or even dragon-i) because times square n sungei wang simply dont hav these places
however, i ate kim gary for twice, if u want me to 勉强 consider that as REALLY good food(it's good, but not THAT good)
n the only heavenly food that i ate was ice cream fondue(found only at pavilion's baskin robbin, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

being the so-called gambling queen, i play cards every night, hehe. this year i hav no luck i guess, lost bout rm40+ at the first night itself. but no matter what, i'm still happy cos i can gamble, n the person who won the money actually use the money to subsidize for singing k at redbox. the other nights my friends hav no money d so we just play cards, din gamble.

well, some ppl said they r gonna use this 1 month holiday study but obviously that will not be me. i felt that i deserve to just relax during this holiday. dont care bout the other stuffs. there's no point torturing myself when i know that i'm gonna be tortured for 6 months in less than 3 weeks later. so, living life to the fullest during this holiday = eat, sleep, play, waste money =P