Monday, January 19, 2009

Some quick outdated updates

can't believe that this is my first post in the brand new year. usually ppl start with their resolutions. i'm done with making resolutions because i know that i wont follow those stupid plans. i'm not a rule-adherent person n i dont like to follow plans, timetables etc. i prefer flexibility n spontaneous stuffs. there is more fun. unpredictable. full of surprises.
and now for the updates:
i've shifted to new hostel, which is kinda expensive, but it's very near my lecture hall n has a small kitchen sink, so i guess the pros did outweigh the con(trying to convince myself that i did not spend too much money on accommodation, hehe).
i'm going back to malaysia on 6th feb, reaching on the 7th, holiday for a month! yay! can't wait for it. but sadly before that, i gotta endure the following torturous 16 days full of study, tests n exams. n this aging brain of mine sadly doesnt help by being less accommodative with memories. n the only compensatory mechanism i hav is to pray more(to study more is impossible, for non-medical-students' information, n for me, to study everything for once is already a big accomplishment!). haha.
we do hav a day off for chu 1. it's not good in a way that we hav to rush our syllabus more. sigh. but anyway i'm still grateful for that break. seriously need it.
recently i learned in nutrition lecture that eating vegetables interferes with the absorption of zinc ion n fat-soluble vitamin, hence giving me another reason to not like eating vegetables. hehe. i know it's lame, cos it's the only disadvantage of eating vegetables.
it's kinda abrupt to stop here, but i shall stop now anyway, dont wanna doze off in class tomorrow. will continue next time. to william n pat, hope u all r enjoying urselves at deustchland. i'll definitely go visit u all someday. hehe. dont forget to treat me when the time comes, as promised. =)

another wasted night