Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hehe. This post is not about ghosts or anything superstitious.

Human beings are always haunted. By what? One’s unresolved past. We always thought we are lucky enough to have escaped from something troubling us and tend to forget it, without knowing that the problem is silently incorporated into our lives n will strike us again one day. E.g. tomorrow is your test, you are not in time to finish your study but with luck somehow you manage to do well(or at least pass) in the test. You thought, phew, I don’t have to worry bout the unfinished portion because the test is over, n u don’t study for it. But, when the final exam comes, you will be haunted by the unfinished portion again n you still have to study for it.

That is only a small prob faced by students. In real life, there are a lot more problems(health, money, relationships etc) to be encountered, n to be solved. If u do not solve it, n u think it is over, then u r wrong. THE PAST WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU. I’ve experienced it lots and lots of times. The same problem keeps getting back to you and it could be worse than the last one. There will be only 3 outcomes: 1. You face the prob, solve it and will never be bothered by it any longer; 2. You dodge a little here n a little there and somehow endured the prob without solving it, and u will run into it face to face again next time; 3. You run away from the prob and the next time u see it, the prob is amplified.

Therefore, if possible, always try your very best to face and solve your problem there n then. Haha, well, I’m not really fit to say this, because I always procrastinate and “only see to those emergency matters - those that I really hav no choice but to solve it” has been my policy. =P but i'm trying to change now because i realised certain aspects like health really cannot be ignored.

Anyway, it’s always a great reminder for u if u wanna improve urself to be a more efficient person. =)

That's all for now...