Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year

Well i know it's still a bit early for this post, but i'm afraid i would not hav time to update this long-deserted blog later, as today is my last day off.

Anyway, i would like to wish everyone a happy new year here. hopefully in the brand new year, it'll be a smooth sailing throughout for all of us. and for year 2010, i'm not gonna make any new year resolutions anymore. i mean, lets face it, i never keep to any resolution i made n so i think there's no need to waste my effort trying to figure out things that i probably will not achieve. however, that does not mean that i stop improving myself. i'll always keep trying to become a better n smarter person.

I realised that i've been sort of 'missing' for quite a long while. Sorry about that my friends. Indeed i hav been busy n when i managed to find time for myself, i often just ended up watching show or sleeping or just simply dreaming. It's not that u all r not important but i'm scared that the more i chat with u all, the more i'll miss the times we used to be together gossiping, having fun, talking nonsense... Now we could only meet once in 6 months, some annually, some i have not even seen for 2 years or more already. i just hope all of u r doing great, wherever u go n whatever u do.

A bit of update of my life: currently i'm in the 2nd year of the medical course. i've said byebye to anatomy(yay!), physiology n biochemistry(those r the first year subjects) n hello to pathology, pharmacology, microbiology n forensic medicine. hell, 2nd year's workload is definitely humongous compared to first year's. we hav to do tonnes of homework, attend boring lectures, study like mad, not to mention to complete a stupid mentored student project. sigh, life... it sure is a struggle for lazybums like me, especially the homework part. i've never been so diligent before in my life n yet my diligence is still nothing compared to others. to hardworkers: if u r wondering bout my degree of diligence, hehe, let me tell u, i'm not capable of being hardworking at all. maybe it's just 20% of yours? n to lazy ppl, high 5! we r one of a kind, n u can most probably understand how 'hardworking' i m. haha.

Here is something i would like to share: the law of attraction. if u read a book entitled 'the secret'(which i never did) or watched the movie, u'll know it. the law of attraction states that u will attract whatever that is in ur mind to u if u keep thinking of it. for example, u keep thinking very very hard that u will get a lot of money, the money will come to u. but, the same goes for the opposite. if u keep thinking hard that u do not want something to happen, that something will still happen as u fear.
to some extent, i find this law of attraction quite true n it really works(in an unexplained way). i'm not saying that u just hav to sit there n keep thinking of everything u want to be done. of course, u hav to do something urself for ur dreams to come true. the good that we could make out from this law is that we should always think of something we want n not waste time thinking of something not wanted.

Alright, there goes an update to clear the dust n spider webs here. I had better stop typing. Friends, i miss u all. Will see u all 2 months later(March). Take care. N wish u all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Light n darkness. Which is faster?

I was feeling bored seems like it has been ages since i last updated my blog. haha. well actually there's nothing to update. just wanna share a meaningful sentence here.
quoted from criminal minds:

they say light has the fastest speed in the universe, but light reaches every place only to find that darkness had conquered it first.

there'll always be something wrong before right comes. bad before good. failure before sucess. poor before wealthy. etc. it's the nature of life which cannot be defied...

right now i hope the darkness -- exam surrounding me end faster so that i can go back to my real home n play for one month. lol.

there. an update. hope it's thought-provoking. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Diamond and graphite

Diamond and graphite r both made of carbon atoms, but y do their prices differ greatly? Who doesn't like diamonds, n who would hav wanted to buy n treasure graphite?

Well, the answer is really simple. Diamond is rare compared to the abundant graphite, which makes it so precious n expensive. Diamond is formed under a very high pressure, while graphite results from low pressure environment. Diamond can be turned into graphite under high temperature, but graphite cannot be transformed into diamond.

Likewise, compare diamond n graphite to human beings. if u can withstand high pressure n turn out to be just fine, u'll be a diamond loved n appreciated by other ppl. but beware, if u r too arrogant, always causing ppl's blood boiling(this is where the high temperature comes into picture), ur value may drop n u'll turn into graphite. if u already succumb to high pressure in the first place, don't bother to be a diamond. u just can't make it. cruel but true.

I want to be a diamond. :)

ps: pls pardon me for the simple english n short post. long time no write. gotta clean the rust in my brains d. hehe.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Living life to the fullest

Being back to Malaysia is all bout enjoying! I've been back for more than 1 week n all i did was eat, sleep n play. eat n sleep is more for the first 3 days of my return, the rest of the days i went to kl, met up with some intec friends, mmmc friends n also some of my old 5.0 classmates.
The only fun part of my kl trip is singing k(3 times in 4 days!) n playing cards. i'm glad that i went for this trip although i din get to shop cos i got to gamble!!! there's no kaki at all at sp(what a sad fact).... the reason i din get to shop is cos the hotel we stayed is near area of sungei wang, times square etc . i'm not a big fan of sungei wang n i dont really like times square either. the only place suitable for shopping there is pavilion, but it's kinda far n at the moment u actually reach there, u'll be half dead d.

things that sadly i did not get to do:
1. shopping
2. watch a nice movie
3. eat really good food(example: italianies, pasta de gohan, or even dragon-i) because times square n sungei wang simply dont hav these places
however, i ate kim gary for twice, if u want me to 勉强 consider that as REALLY good food(it's good, but not THAT good)
n the only heavenly food that i ate was ice cream fondue(found only at pavilion's baskin robbin, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

being the so-called gambling queen, i play cards every night, hehe. this year i hav no luck i guess, lost bout rm40+ at the first night itself. but no matter what, i'm still happy cos i can gamble, n the person who won the money actually use the money to subsidize for singing k at redbox. the other nights my friends hav no money d so we just play cards, din gamble.

well, some ppl said they r gonna use this 1 month holiday study but obviously that will not be me. i felt that i deserve to just relax during this holiday. dont care bout the other stuffs. there's no point torturing myself when i know that i'm gonna be tortured for 6 months in less than 3 weeks later. so, living life to the fullest during this holiday = eat, sleep, play, waste money =P

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some quick outdated updates

can't believe that this is my first post in the brand new year. usually ppl start with their resolutions. i'm done with making resolutions because i know that i wont follow those stupid plans. i'm not a rule-adherent person n i dont like to follow plans, timetables etc. i prefer flexibility n spontaneous stuffs. there is more fun. unpredictable. full of surprises.
and now for the updates:
i've shifted to new hostel, which is kinda expensive, but it's very near my lecture hall n has a small kitchen sink, so i guess the pros did outweigh the con(trying to convince myself that i did not spend too much money on accommodation, hehe).
i'm going back to malaysia on 6th feb, reaching on the 7th, holiday for a month! yay! can't wait for it. but sadly before that, i gotta endure the following torturous 16 days full of study, tests n exams. n this aging brain of mine sadly doesnt help by being less accommodative with memories. n the only compensatory mechanism i hav is to pray more(to study more is impossible, for non-medical-students' information, n for me, to study everything for once is already a big accomplishment!). haha.
we do hav a day off for chu 1. it's not good in a way that we hav to rush our syllabus more. sigh. but anyway i'm still grateful for that break. seriously need it.
recently i learned in nutrition lecture that eating vegetables interferes with the absorption of zinc ion n fat-soluble vitamin, hence giving me another reason to not like eating vegetables. hehe. i know it's lame, cos it's the only disadvantage of eating vegetables.
it's kinda abrupt to stop here, but i shall stop now anyway, dont wanna doze off in class tomorrow. will continue next time. to william n pat, hope u all r enjoying urselves at deustchland. i'll definitely go visit u all someday. hehe. dont forget to treat me when the time comes, as promised. =)

another wasted night