Friday, March 20, 2009

Diamond and graphite

Diamond and graphite r both made of carbon atoms, but y do their prices differ greatly? Who doesn't like diamonds, n who would hav wanted to buy n treasure graphite?

Well, the answer is really simple. Diamond is rare compared to the abundant graphite, which makes it so precious n expensive. Diamond is formed under a very high pressure, while graphite results from low pressure environment. Diamond can be turned into graphite under high temperature, but graphite cannot be transformed into diamond.

Likewise, compare diamond n graphite to human beings. if u can withstand high pressure n turn out to be just fine, u'll be a diamond loved n appreciated by other ppl. but beware, if u r too arrogant, always causing ppl's blood boiling(this is where the high temperature comes into picture), ur value may drop n u'll turn into graphite. if u already succumb to high pressure in the first place, don't bother to be a diamond. u just can't make it. cruel but true.

I want to be a diamond. :)

ps: pls pardon me for the simple english n short post. long time no write. gotta clean the rust in my brains d. hehe.