Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I'm feeling so helpless now
Why do i allow such disease
to infect me?
It is incurable
It attacks at all time
and it mercilessly spread
faster than you ever thought
Once you allow it into you
there's no way
of getting rid of it
The best that you can do
is just to control it
from spreading ridiculously fast
Scary, it is
Cruel, it is
Quick, it is
I do not want it
I wish to avoid it
But it's too late
I've been infected by Leizee Nurse disease
Help me!
Nobody can
I need a jab of D-termination
I need a jab of D-ligence
So that i can be strong
to fight it
in this battle
I'll be the ultimate winner
I'll be the true survivor
I'll never be
a weakling again