Saturday, October 27, 2007


Criminal Minds Season 2 episode unknown~~~
Ppl were hunted like animals by 2 maniacs; they used arrows to kill the ppl.
In the end when the case was solved, the sole survivor asked Prentiss: " How could they do such a thing like this?" What Prentiss replied was "Because they do not think the way we do."
However, when on the plane, Morgan saw her troubled look.
Morgan: Hey, u look troubled.
Prentiss: When the victim asked me 'How could they do such a thing like this?', I answered 'Because they do not think the way we do.'
Morgan: That's right. They don't think like us. So, what's the problem?
Prentiss: But when i think back, how much different are we from them? I mean, we do this kind of job everyday. We hunt these people, like they hunt their victims.
Morgan: The difference is, we don't kill people. We hunt for killers. That is what make us good people.
This makes me ponder, when we judge a person, how different r we from the person?
How do we know we r not like the person?
If u think that a person is not that simple, how much simpler r u? Because, only the not-simple people will recognise those alike with them.
So, next time, before criticising a person, look into ur ownself first. Deep in our hearts, we r all alike.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


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