Friday, July 25, 2008


LOL! I also do not know why Joanne tagged me. -_- Now I have to finish the tag as well. Haha! Never mind la. It can serve as an update too! Life in SP is SO boring. There is nothing to update about. Haiz... I might as well stop whining and start doing my tag!

7 Facts About Me:

1. A perfectionist.
2. Like to gamble... a lot!
3. A risk taker(which leads to 2)
4. A peace lover(i dont like to be involved in an argument)
5. Like gossiping when i'm superbored(now u can tell whether i'm bored or not)
6. A lazy person(which explains y my intro is similar to joanne's, haha)
7. Do not easily speak to strangers

7 Things That Scares Me:

1. Cockroaches or any weird insects that can fly
2. Losing myself(my personalities, i mean)
3. No money
4. Ghosts(i know it's stupid, but yea, i'm very very very afraid of ghosts)
5. Become stupid
6. Darkness
7. Being in a place surrounded by backstabbers

7 Songs Playing In My Head Lately:

1. 那年夏天宁静的海(王欣凌)
2. 安静(Jay Chou)
3. 心愿便利贴(命中注定我爱你的片尾曲)
4. 退后(Jay Chou)
5. 甜甜的(Jay Chou)
6. 如果你也听说(张惠妹)
7. 不想懂得(张韶涵)

7 Valuable Things/People In My Life:

1. Success
2. My intelligence
3. Myself
4. Family and friends
5. Money
6. Religion
7. My toy(i hav many but just that particular one, some of u may know which one it is, can't sleep without it)

7 "First Time" In My Life:

1. Got first place in the whole form (1997)
2. Sang karaoke (2005)
3. Spent RM63.80 to eat at Shogun(a Japanese buffet restaurant at Sunway Pyramid) (2007)
4. Spent RM300 to buy a watch (2008)
5. Being isolated by classmates for a reason that doesn't exist (1997)
6. Being so uncompetitive in academics(due to my laziness, n i regret that) (2006-2008)
7. Got tagged (at this moment!)

7 Words Or Things That I Am Used To Saying/Doing:

1. 好笑!
2. Faint!
3. Shit la!
4. What the heck?
5. Damn it(I only say it to myself, therefore u all wont notice this)
6. Cho miang cua nie?(fuchow)
7. Always go for red colour when buying things

7 People I Tag:

I'm kind, therefore i wont tag anyone. Plus, there aren't really many people who know bout this blog of mine. So, the tag ends here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sorry for not updating for such a long long time, but here is the post as i promised.

经过我在INTEC两年来的分析, 以下是本BLOG最'蛇'之人排行榜(名次是对地方不对人, 因为环境对人格的影响很大, 大家日后要小心提防)。

1. 槟城 (100%, 没有一个是不会耍手段的)
2. 柔佛, KL, 马六甲 (80%)
3. 吉打, TERENGGANU, SIBU 等其他地方 (20%, 我不否认其中一个是我)

何谓朋友? 说得难听一点,朋友 就是互相利用!But if it involves backstabbing, i dont think we can call that a 朋友.
这些是事实, 并不代表本作者的立场, 希望大家见仁见智, 千万不要吃 CILI。(siapa yg makan cili dialah yg rasa pedasnya) and no offense to those coming from places mentioned above.

p.s. actually i hav a lot to say, but i'm very very very very lazy to type it out, so that's all for now.